Lisa Stone…Missing!


Lisa Stone was last seen at her home in Dallas, Texas in the 3300 block of Truxillo around June 5, 2010.  She would now be 57 years old and is approximately 5’7″.  Lisa’s car and purse were left at her home, along with her other personal belongings and her beloved pets.  

We firmly believe that Lisa would never simply walk away, leaving her home, car, personal belongings, and her family and friends behind. Lisa’s partner of over 15 years was living in the home with Lisa at the time of her disappearance and has refused to give any answers or assist in the search.  


Friends of Lisa’s have come together to search for answers in her disappearance and we need your help! Someone knows something about the events that took place around June 5, 2010…Someone heard something or saw something…Please think back to that time and HELP US FIND ANSWERS!!!

If you have any information pertaining to this case, please contact CRIMESTOPPERS @ 877.373.8477 IMMEDIATELY!  You may also submit a tip online @  All tips are received anonymously.