How This Began…

Today I ran across the article written by Andrea Grimes for the Dallas Observer in November, 2010.  This was a few months after Lisa went missing and the in-depth article grabbed the interest of CBS 48 Hrs.   This article gives a detailed account of much that went on in the beginning of the investigation and we will be eternally grateful to Ms Grimes and to the Dallas Observer for helping us bring Lisa’s case to the public.

Impossible to Forget

I haven’t blogged about Lisa or the case in a while, but today my thoughts keep returning to Lisa.  Lately I feel very discouraged about the case, about getting older, about time passing me by, about life in general.  I wish Lisa was here to have a heart-to-heart.  Lisa was a wonderful listener, attentive, thoughtful, caring, empathetic.  She loved when people opened up to her and I still miss our talks and shared laughs.

Lisa would be 57 now, and as I am nearing that milestone…and dreading it..I think of her and wonder what she would say about this mid-life funk I’m going through.  She always seemed to find humor in life and I can just hear her deep chuckle as she would surely scold me for my pity party.   I wish for one more talk with Lisa…one more day to ponder life’s oddities.  I wish I could see her once again and tell her how much her friendship meant to me.

In June, it will be 6 years since Lisa went missing.  So much has happened in that passage of time, so much I would like to discuss with her.  What would she look like today?  Would she have changed much?  Would she have found some way out of her troubling situation?  I wonder many things, but the one thing I know is that Lisa would still be the same girl I went to school with.  She would still find joy in the little things, like reminiscing with her high school friends and sharing “privileged information” as she liked to call our gossip sessions.  Lisa would still have that wonderful ability to make a friend of each person she met.

No matter how things change or how much time passes, Lisa remains that person impossible to forget.  I haven’t forgotten you, Lisa…and I hope and pray that the person who took you from us is never able to forget.  I fear that justice may elude us and the person responsible will remain free, but I pray that person is never free from his conscience and thoughts of Lisa.